Multi-Perfection Serum

Javan Skin Care Multi-Perfection Serum is a concentrated serum that balances your skin. Gives instant glow, hydrates, minmizes pores, evens out skin tone and helps with lines and wrinkles. It has age-defying properties that help mature skin reverse the signs of aging. Protects skin against pollution, smoke and enviromental damage.

Featured Ingredients:
Vitamin E
Vitamin F
Coconut Oil

Free radical fighter
Boost skin’s defense against environmental damage.
Encourages skin healing after trauma such as laser treatments and sunburns.
Minimizes pore size
Helps with breakouts
Corrects dull rough skin and refines skin texture
Heals acne lesions, scars and wounds on skin
Hydrates skin and penetrates into skin fast
Reduces visible signs of aging
Provides antioxidant and moisturizing nutrients to skin to brighten and rejuvenate texture
Seals in night moisturizer to boost its benefits
Protects cells from oxidation
Calms redness and inflammation
Tightens pores, and corrects visible signs of aging from within

Apply to cleansed face as needed. If you are putting on a moisturizer, this serum will go on before moisturizer.

Mix in Multi-Perfection Serum with your favorite serum. This serum is a must to mix with Javan Skin Reserach Volumizing Serum

For all skin types. Great for sensitive, red, rosacea, inflamed skin, after surgery, laser treatments, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, acne, big pores and uneven skin.

Coconut Oil, Lipids, Silica, Vitamin E, Vitamin F, Dimethylmethoxy Chromanol, Dimethicone, Linoleic Acid, Soy Extract, Phenoxyethanol

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