Javan skin research is formulated by dermatologists that live and breathe skin. Our products are safe,medical grade, cosmecutical and paraben free. Javan Skin Care treatments  will give you immediate results with long-term benefits. Your skin will be balanced and you will feel great.
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                             DO YOU KNOW WHEN YOUR PRODUCTS EXPIRE?

Know when products expire and throw it out!
Both skin care and beauty products can go bad and will expire, and keeping them after they have expired will do major damage to your skin. You may feel guilty about throwing away a half-used product, DONT!!! Beauty products that have gone bad can cause everything from eye infections, cold sores, flesh-eating bacteria, skin irritations, allergic reactions and many other skin issues.
This is an expiration guideline for most skin care products with parabens*!!!
Javan skin care products will last just as long and we have no parabens and irritating chemicals in our skin care.
Cleanser: One year
Serum: Six to 12 months ( vitamin C spoils faster )
Moisturizer: One year
Sunscreen: One year
Acne Treatments: Two years
Eye products, Mascara: Three to six months
Always Watch for changes in smell, color and consistency. Is the productseparating? NOT GOOD. You can also contact the company for recommended expiration dates.
The bottom line
I’m sure you love your favorite and you don’t use it much because you don’t want it to finish. USE IT! It will expire. If you keep products for years, you will be doing more harm to your skin than good. Throw out all old makeup and skin care. Spoiled skin care and beauty products can cause irritation, allergic reactions and major infections. Maintaining healthy skin means updating your products on a regular basis.
*Javan Skin Research offers safe products without the use of chemical preservatives like parabens. The use of parabens as preservatives in cosmetics is controversial. There are clinical studies suggesting that parabens have potential health risks, including estrogen activity. The direct link between parabens and potential health risks like cancer, however, cannot be proven in humans so far. All of Javan Skin Care products are paraben  free. To find out if your products have parabens, look under ingredients, if there is an ingredient ending with parabens (i.e. methylparaben) your products has parabens. Javan Skin Research believes because medical grade skin care penetrates deep into skin, this being the reason the skin care is called cosmecutical, parabens or other irritating chemical also penetrate deep into skin with medical grade products. Because of this reason, Javan Skin Care products have no parabens or skin irritating ingredients. In fact, our products have very concentrated powerful ingredients made for the most sensitive skin.