What are the best products for my skin?

Extremely Sensitive and Dry Skin: Multi Perfection Hydrating Cleanser, Multi-Perfection Moisture Surge, Multi Perfection Serum, Fountain of Youth AM

Can also use: Perfection Face Cream, Redness Relief Moisturizer, Vitamin C Serum, Vitamin C Spray

Normal to Dry Skin: Multi Perfection Serum, Calming Cleanser, Perfection Face Cream, Vitamin C serum, Fountain of Youth AM

Dry and Dehydrated: Multi-Perfection Hydrating Cleanser, Multi Perfection Serum, Multi-Perfection Moisture Surge, Moisturizing SunSpray

Can also use: Perfection Face Cream, Vitamin C Spray

Skin with Lack of Elasticity: Even Skin Cleanser, Fountain of Youth PM, Fountain of Youth Serum with Stem Cell, Perfection Face Cream, Collagen Serum, MicroDerm Exfoliator,  Anything with Glycolic and Exfoliating benefits.

Enlarged Pores: Even Skin Cleanser, MicroDerm Exfoliator, Skin Prep, Pumpkin Clarifying Mask, Clarifying Lotion, Retinol Serum, Collagen Serum.

Aging: Fountain of youth Cleanser, Fountain of Youth StemCell, Fountain of Youth PM, MicroDerm Exfoliator, Retinol Serum.

Sun Damage and Pigmented: Lactic Exfoliator, MicroDerm Exfoliator, Pigment Fading Cream, Pigment Fading Serum, Retinol Serum.

Teenage Acne Oily: Acne Wash, Acne Lotion, Redness Relief Serum, Even Skin Moisture Surge.

Teenage Acne Sensitive: Acne Wash, Multi Perfection Serum, Night Cream, Clarifying Moisturizer, Even Skin Moisture Surge.

Pregnant: Even Skin Cleanser, Even Skin Moisture Surge, Fountain of Youth AM, Pigment Fading Serum

After Treatment: Calming Cleanser, Multi Perfection Serum, Multi Perfection Moisture Surge, Fountain of Youth AM.

Beating Cancer: Multi Perfection Hydrating Cleanser, Multi Perfection Serum, Multi Perfection Moisture Surge, Fountain of Youth AM.

SPF Protection: if you are looking for sheer coverage in addition to sun protection, we recommend using Fountain of Youth AM, Oil Control Sunscreen or Moisturizing SunSpray

Which is the best cleanser for my skin type?

Extremely Sensitive and Dry: Alternate between Javan Skin Research Calming Cleanser and Multi Perfection Hydrating Cleanser

Dry with accelerated Signs of Aging: Alternate between Multi Perfection Hydrating Cleanser and Calming Cleanser

Normal to Dry: Alternate between Javan Skin Research Calming Cleanser and Even Skin Cleanser

Oily: Alternate between Acne wash and Even Skin Cleanser.

Dullness Dryness, aging and Enlarged Pores: Alternate between Javan Skin Research Even Skin Cleanser and Fountain of Youth Foamy Cleanser. If your skin is too dry alternate betwven Skin cleanser with Calming cleanser. MicroDerm Exfoliator and Skin Prep is a must!

Javan Skin Research eye treatments have many antioxidant and peptides that address many issues. We always recommend alternating between two eye creams so you can get different benefits. Remember that Vitamin C Serum helps with all these issues and can be put on before or mixed in these products. To help determine which is best for you, we’ve listed different issues:

Sensitive, Chronic Dryness: EyeSaver, Fountain Of Youth Eye Repair, Multi Perfection Serum
Wrinkles, Dryness on the Eyelids: Fountain of Youth Eye Mask and Fountain of Youth Eye Repair, Multi Perfection Serum
Puffiness and Dark Circles: Collagen Eye Serum and Firming EyeLift
Deep lines, Crow’s Feet and Discoloration: Retinol Serum,  alternate between Firming EyeLift and Fountain of Youth Eye Repair, Fountain Of youth Mask
Advanced signs of aging: Fountain of Youth Eye Mask, Volumizing Serum, Multi Perfection Serum
Lifting eye Lid: Fountain of Youth Mask, Fountain of Youth Eye Repair